Why steam clothes? Everything you need to know about steaming clothes



Steaming your clothes instead of ironing is not only easier and more fun, it also saves energy and makes your clothes last significantly longer. Here we answer the most common questions about clothes steaming and why you should start steaming today.



Is more durable and gentle than machine washing. By steaming, you extend the washing distance of your clothes, which makes them last longer. When you steam, you also avoid getting ugly ironing marks or imprints on your clothes that a regular iron can give. Steaming is very simple and does not require an ironing board.


Steaming reduces bad smells, kills bacteria, and refreshes and tidies up clothes and other textiles.


All textiles that can withstand water washing can also be steamed.


  • Fill the water tank and plug in the steamer.
  • If you have soft water where you live, you can use tap water. If the water is hard, we recommend steam water or distilled water.
  • Hang the garment you want to steam on a clothes hanger or spread it out on an ironing board or other flat surface with a towel underneath.
  • Hold the bottom edge of the garment and stretch the fabric while steaming.
  • Steam upwards, downwards, sideways from the outside or inside. Everything works as long as you hold the steamer directly against the fabric.
  • Use the included heat-protective glove to easily steam collars, cuffs, or other details. With it on your hand, you can press the garment between your hand and the steamer.
  • Finish with fabric spray to enhance the fresh feeling. Fabric spray nourishes and soften the fibers and reduces static electricity in your clothes.

Which is the best steamer?

Our clothing care experts and seamstresses at RESTYLE recommend quality steamers from the Swedish brand Steamery Stockholm.

At Steamery, the mission is to inspire and educate others to take better care of their clothes so they both look great and last longer. This is done by creating smart, minimalist, and modern clothing care products that we believe will change the way we treat our clothes in the future.


cirrus no.3 iron steamer paras vaatehöyrystincirrus no.3 iron steamer paras vaatehöyrystin

cirrus No.3 sand vaatehöyrystin steamery stockholm suomi. paras vaatehöyrystin. valkoinen vaatehöyrystin. vaatehuolto RESTYLE ompelimo Vaasa.








Cirrus No3 is a new hybrid between a steamer and an iron, with which you can create either a pressed look or a more natural one. Has a front plate that can be heated to the same temperature as level 1 of iron. The water tank holds water for about four garments or about half an hour of steaming. Can stand on its own, is energy efficient, and has automatic shutdown after 30 minutes. Completely replaces the need for a traditional iron.



CIRRUS NO.2 STEAMER – BLACKcirrus no2 handsteamer steamery stockholm höyrystin restyle vaasa

Cirrus No2 has fast heating in about 25 seconds, is easy to use, and fits all types of garments. The new model Cirrus No3 is slightly more powerful, more energy-efficient, and with a longer cord, but this old faithful is still a popular, cheaper alternative. Read more about Cirrus No2 here.



cumulus homesteamer no.3 from steamery stockholm is sold at RESTYLE by Mia

Cumulus No3 is perfect for dresses, blouses and shirts. The home steamer has two modes, which means you can choose between low and normal steam. Less steam is suitable for delicate materials such as silk or viscose, while the higher setting is better for thicker materials. The steam plate also has an associated brush that is perfect to click on when you want to steam the woolen coat. The large water tank lasts about 1 hour. Read more about Cumulus No3 here.

Should I choose a hand steamer or a standing steamer?



  • want to steam outfits on the trip
  • live small and need to save space
  • want to steam textiles at homes such as cushions and curtains

The water tank in a hand steamer holds water for about four garments. If you steam many garments at a time, it is more practical to use a standing steamer. It has a front plate that can be heated to the same temperature as level 1 of iron.


  • has room for a steamer that stands on the floor
  • do not need to be able to take the steamer on a trip
  • have a large wardrobe or family
  • want to steam a lot or often

The home steamer has two modes, which means you can choose between low and normal steam. With less steam, you steam delicate materials such as silk or viscose, while the higher setting is better suited for thicker materials.


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