SLOW FASHION – A sustainable choice

With us at RESTYLE, the environment and sustainability are the core of our business. The fashion industry’s imprint on our planet and smart alternatives to the prevailing “wear and tear” attitude are increasingly being discussed.

As a consequence of this debate, the phenomenon of slow fashion has emerged. Slow fashion is about consuming less newly produced garments and instead extending the use of those you already own. If you were to summarize the lifestyle in a few words, it would be: care, repair, rent, exchange, borrow and second hand.

In practice, sustainable fashion means a changed attitude towards one’s own wardrobe.

This may feel unusual at first, but even small adjustments in everyday choices give noticeable results in the long run. For us, it is important that you continue to enjoy what is in the wardrobe, both in appearance and morally.
Clothes should be something fun that adds that little extra to your everyday life, without you having to have a bad conscience over unsustainable consumption.
At RESTYLE, we therefore really want to help our customers enjoy all their garments and encourage them to carefully choose what fills the wardrobe.

We want to inspire the many opportunities that slow fashion offers.

Our focus is not on the quick and easy, but on quality materials and garments that you can wear for a long time. For us, clothes are not so much about trends, but more about style, sustainability and craftsmanship.

In the studio, we also create our very own clothing collection.

The inspiration has come during the years that we have altered clothes from larger store chains and discovered what shortcomings there are in the planning of these garments. The reason is usually that they are made to last a season and should not be repaired. Our purpose is therefore simply to offer something that is done in a smarter way.

Some of the models in the collection are also made according to the Zero Waste design method.

This means that we design and sew completely new garments from high-quality fabrics, without any of the material being wasted.

Does it sound interesting with stylish, timeless clothes in luxurious materials that are made to suit you? Then you should come by our store and we will be happy to tell you more!

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