Sweater stone lint removal

Sweater Stone is a particularly effective tool for removing lint from coarse and fluffy wool fabrics. It is suitable, for example, for various woolen fabrics and knitted clothes that contain sheep wool and mohair. For fine knitted garments and very smooth wool fabrics, Arkivé Atelier lint remover is the best option.

Proceed as follows: Move the stone on the surface of the material parallel to the loops / thread direction. Place a cushion under knitted garments for ease. The soft base keeps the knitting in place better and also reduces the pressure. Start by pressing lightly and gradually increase the pressure until the lint begins to loosen. Too little pressure is not enough to remove lint. It may loosen some black stone parts, but it is normal and does not stain the clothes.

Brand: Sweater Stone
Material: Pumice
Country of manufacture: USA



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