Online clothing repair

Get your clothes fixed by professionals via postorder! To repair insted of buying new is a sustainable choice. We at RESTYLE are passionate about repairing and reviving favourite clothes so that you can love them longer.

We can help with these clothing repairs and lenght adjustments via post:

-Jeans repair
-Zipper replacement
-Lining replacement
-Lenght adjustments on trousers, sleeves, skirts and dresses
-Shortening of curtains
-Repair of broken seams and holes in fabric
-Sewing new buttons

Please observe that if your clothes needs tailoring alterations or size adjustments you always need to visit our sewing atelier in Vaasa, Finland for a personal fitting with our seamstresses.

Just fill in this form and tell us what you wish to have repaired or modified. Please attach describing pictures of your garments. We will get back to you as soon as possible with an offer. After that you just send us your package, we sew and send your fixed clothes back within 7-14 days!

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