RESTYLE – From passion to reality

The plans for renewal have been around for a long time, so when the summer gave us an excellent opportunitie, we chose to invest. RESTYLE by Mia is the result of the renewal we have pushed through over the past year as well as the dreams we have carried on for many years. Now we finally stand here with a new name, renewed studio and a new clothing collection! After more than nine years as an entrepreneur an update of the brand is not only needed but very inspiring. But who are we really and how does the business differ from before?

RESTYLE started as sewing studio alexandra&mia in Korsholm in 2011. Maria Holm has been the sole owner for many years and since 2014 the studio has been in the center of Vaasa with several employees. Despite the name change and changes in our visual communication, the services and values ​​are basically the same as before. We help our customers with every conceivable clothing concern and adapt to each unique need. In our opinion, the solutions should be smart but personal. Therefore, we offer a complete solution that includes everything from sewing and repairs, to designing new womens clothing and help with interior textiles.

We work based on a great love for the environment. Sustainability is a concept that has become increasingly important at most levels of society in recent years, and it is also a key word with us at RESTYLE. Our great passion lies in encouraging a more ethical thinking when it comes to textiles and clothing consumption, as well as inspiring repairs ahead of new purchases. Having your clothes repaired instead of buying new ones is an environmentally conscious and sustainable decision that also supports local craftsmen. With our services, we therefore want to highlight the importance of quality fabrics and the importance of offering our customers personal service in a safe environment.

You are most welcome to visit our store on Pitkäkatu 28–30 in Vaasa!