How to shop new as sustainably as possible?

Most garments in my wardrobe are bought second hand, going to the flea market is a bit of a hobby for me. Although the second-hand range in Vaasa is really good, you will not always find what you are looking for, and sometimes a little new inspiration is required. After a pregnancy and a break from working life, a proper review of the work wardrobe felt like a fun preparation for the upcoming job start. Therefore, I contacted Sandra from our partner VOGA Styling, and here are some thoughts and experiences about my wardrobe detox and shopping with a stylist. / Maria 'Mia' Holm

How to shop new as sustainably as possible?

When buying new, it is better to invest in fewer carefully selected garments in good quality and timeless model, than to buy many cheap garments in the latest fashion that only work for one season and usually still lose shape in the first wash. If you keep this in mind, you avoid impulse purchases and save time, money and the environment!

Wardrobe detox

The best thing would be not to have to buy so much new, but to be able to use what you have for as long as possible. Therefore, I want Sandra to look through my closet in advance to get an overall picture. What do I already have at home that works, and what is missing for a functioning whole? The garments that are actually used and fit in style and color show Sandra how I can use together in new ways. Shopping new in my own wardrobe was an interesting experience and gave many aha-moments, now I get more use of the garments I already own when I can combine them in new ways.

Clothes that need to be repaired or re-sewn to fit will of course go to the sewing studio. Outdated but whole garments can be resold or donated, but remember that clothes should always be whole and clean before they are taken to clothing collection. Or you can always do a fun thing and arrange a change of clothes day with some friends!

Personal shopper

This is truly everyday luxury at a high level! Sandra had picked out all the clothes in advance, and had spent plenty of time reading through all the pieces of material in the garments. Namely, I am quite picky and thrive best in garments made of natural materials, art materials breathe less and can be sweaty to wear. I get to try on many new outfits, and am pleasantly surprised by what Sandra has picked out. In the end, it was mostly basic garments in good quality that I know will really be used extensively. Clothes that sit and feel good are clothes that are used After the shopping, of course, it was a trip via the sewing studio to shorten trouser legs and jacket sleeves to a suitable length. A good rule of thumb is to always go through a sewing studio after buying clothes, so that a professional seamstress can adjust the fit and length so that the clothes sit as they should from the beginning and actually come into use. If you have also hired VOGA Styling, we offer a discount on sewing.

How to care for the clothes so they last as long as possible?

We wash our clothes too often unnecessarily. Smaller stains can advantageously be removed with a stain remover instead of immediately washing the entire garment in a washing machine. Wool is easy to care for and ventilation is usually enough in a humid space and it will be fresh again. I like Fiini Naturally’s organic washing powder and vinegar that are non-toxic and fragrance-free. A bonus is that the vinegar simultaneously cleans the washing machine and that they are locally made. You will find their products in our store and webshop.

If the clothes break, it always pays to have them repaired to give the garment a longer life. The longer a garment is used, the less environmental impact!

If the garments contain synthetics such as polyester, fleece or acrylic, I use a Gyppyfriend washing bag that collects the microplastic that would otherwise go with the washing water further out to lakes and streams. The clothes wear less when they are washed in a laundry bag, and thus last longer. Smart stuff, right? Read more and buy yours here.