CIRCULAR ECONOMY- Environmentally friendly wardrobe

We at RESTYLE want to be involved and enable sustainable alternatives to the continuous consumption trend. Products are manufactured, purchased and discarded shortly afterwards, as they are no longer considered useful. But there are other ways as well – the circular economy is one such option.


Here the basic idea is that a product is used as many times as possible and when it is finally no longer usable, as much as possible of it is used in the production of new. It will be an environmentally friendly cycle where everything is recycled as long as possible.

Resources for producing new clothes are far from endless.

But since the fashion industry is constantly highlighting new trends, demand is still high. Most of the clothes are then manufactured cheaply abroad and not infrequently under poor working conditions. The production itself is also environmentally damaging.

It consumes a lot of energy, water and dangerous chemicals when the fabrics are manufactured, dyed and transported long distances to the stores. But with a few simple means, it is possible to reduce this consumption, also as a private person.

In a previous post, we discussed slow fashion, where the core is to have clothes repaired or upcycled instead of thrown away.

Sustainable fashion is very much part of the circular economy.

At RESTYLE, we therefore want to encourage less consumption of new things and instead focus on recycling. We help you by fixing and renewing clothes you already have and thus extending the life of your wardrobe.

We do this in a way that makes you keep your interest in fashion and style while you can continue to enjoy and value your well-chosen garments. Welcome in and get to know us!


Get your clothes repaired via postorder! To repair insted of buying new is a sustainable choice and supports the circular economy. Learn how today.